Operation Dicestorm

Tactical board game for the new generation of gamers.


Tactical Trinity

The intense combat of dicestorm is a battle of wits (intelligence), physical skill (dexterity) and chance (fortune). Are you the kind of commander who uses his skill on the battlefield to defeat the enemy with a frontal assault? Or your keen tactical sense, capitalizing on the smallest opportunity? Perhaps the Gods of war will tilt the tides in your favour on the back of your well-balanced approach?

Asymmetric Factions

Inspired by games like Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft and the Command & Conquer series, Dicestorm features fully unique factions, with diverse units, options, and strategies. Pick the faction that suits your personality and style.

Learn more about our lore // Coming Soon

Gameplay Materials

Much of this is still under construction, so please bear with us!

  • Printable
  • Gameplay
  • Unit Cards
  • Assembling the Board // Coming Soon
  • Tips and Tactics // Coming Soon
  • Advanced Mechanics Guide // Coming Soon